Incredible work is done when
women share their joys,
their journeys, their fears and
cheer each other on
in the process of building
their small business.
Women Who Understand Your Struggle
As a Small Business Owner
  • You wear multiple hats as a business owner and do not have time to get everything done and plan ahead.


  • You want more time to focus on your craft and execute your ideas.


  • You crave structure and support to help give you clarity so you can grow and improve your business.


  • You want wise and supportive business women to hold you accountable.


  • You are hesitant to share with vendor friends because you don't want them to think you can't handle your workload or avoid referring clients.

I am with you wearing all the hats as a business owner. I struggle to stay focused too with the overwhelming amount of demands on my time and new ideas I want to develop. I want to be surrounded by ambitious women who are not afraid to take business risks and support each other.


I know we grow when we work with others, share different perspectives, and experiences, and have regular consistent conversations about our goals in business.

Do you identify with any of these situations?

  • You have spent $5000+ on learning from books, classes, courses, retreats, and workshops but have not yet been able to implement the lessons.


  • You have ideas for new offerings that could bring in an additional $20,000 but have been put on the back burner because you have not yet developed and launched them . 


  • You have missed out on building relationships within your industry that could add $10,000 worth of referral business because you are stuck in your office managing your business and have not been able to catch up.


If we continue to do the same things every day without seeing results, then we limit the growth of our business and selves. We miss out on taking our business to the next level. We miss out on future opportunities because we aren’t ready or qualified. We miss out on additional income.


I want you to have more time to create. I want you to make more money so you can move into that studio you have dreamed about. I want you to be able to expand to new markets. I want you to have a team that you love. I want you to be able to share your knowledge and experiences with the next generation of entrepreneurs. While still having time for your loved ones.

What can you expect?

  • Clarity to make smarter business choices not just now but in the future.


  • Accountability and support to move to the next business level.


  • Freedom to say no to tasks and opportunities that don’t align with your goals for growth.



  • A record of your business growth.
Who is the Little Black Desk Woman

What is included in your membership?

  • Monthly Mastermind Meetings providing energizing, collaborative conversations to help you gain clarity in your business to take it to the next level.


  • Monthly Business Reviews to help you reflect on and capture a record of business growth and opportunities.


  • Private Mastermind Network and Business Resources that provide accountability and support to help you move to the next business level.

You are at the point of deciding whether Mastermind Membership is worth your time and money.  


You can either join or keep doing the same thing. But if you want to take your business to the next level, you are going to want to join a Mastermind today.


Make a new choice for 2018, and join Little Black Desk Society Masterminds.

How do I enroll?


STEP 1: Complete the application form. Your completed application tells us the current stage of business so we are able to compose Masterminds of similar peers. 


STEP 2: Submit $100 deposit to reserve your seat.


STEP 3: During the enrollment period, you will be sent a link to complete registration and final payment.


STEP 4: Once enrollment closes, you will receive a non-disclosure to sign that is between you and your Mastermind peers.

6-Month Membership
  • $750 Single
  • $600 Double (per person, when you register with a friend)

12-Month Membership

  • $1400 Single
  • $1100 Double (per person, when you register with a friend)
Welcome from Founder, Melissa

What can I expect after enrollment?

  • You will receive your 2018 Membership Welcome Guide.


  • Schedule a Welcome call with Mastermind facilitator and founder, Melissa


  • Sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to your first Mastermind.


  • Attend Quarterly Goal Planning Session


  • Complete your Monthly Business Review by July 1st.


  • Added to Private Group in LBDS Network

Now Accepting Wait List Applications for 2018 Membership!

*For additional questions about membership, visit our FAQ page.

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