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Little Black Desk Society - How to Host Productive Meetings

How to Host Productive Meetings

Do you feel like meetings eat up most of your time? It is hard to host productive meetings when there is no clear agenda, everyone is invited, and conversations turn into tangents. Follow these 5 ...

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Little Black Desk Society - Creating Habits for Your Ideal Day

Creating Habits for Your Ideal Day

Creating Habits for Your Ideal Day How do I stay on top of it all? By creating habits. Positive habits and routines help me be more productive, accomplish my goals, and live my ideal life. Routines ...

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"Sometimes when you're running a business by yourself, you have so many ideas and overthink things so much that you get paralyzed and end up doing nothing. It's really helpful to talk out ideas and have someone else listen and then offer clear objective solutions. This was the case recently during a pivot in my business when thinking about my marketing options." – Karina Mora APPLY TODAY

Little Black Desk Society - Website - Introduction - Melissa K. Jones


Do you remember the first person who gave you a chance?

Do you remember who believed in you and gave you the opportunity to shine?

Do you remember what it felt like when a boss or coach you admired complimented you on your work?

How did that make you feel?

Were you excited, grateful, a little nervous, and yet anxious to continue to prove yourself?

What if you could recreate similar situations for someone else so they could feel the same way?

Regardless of your title you can do this for your team, business partners, and/or clients.


You have more influence than you know and I will help show you how to use it.


Clients Paying for Candid Feedback We do a disservice to our clients when we sugar coat our feedback because we are unsure of how they will receive it. Clients are paying not just the service we deliver, but also our expertise. Our expertise shared through candid feedback is what makes us valuable. ASK QUESTIONS The…

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