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Little Black Desk Society - Winning the Week Challenge


Little Black Desk Society - Meet Karina Mora

How Karina Mora Redefined Her Purpose

This series allows you to get to know the women of the Little Black Desk Academy and the experience they bring to the conversations. I hope you enjoy meeting Karina Mora and join her in conversation ...

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The Academy is for women who are established entrepreneurs of service-based businesses seeking deeper conversations. We want to connect with women who are fueled by purpose, passionate about helping others, and love the entrepreneurial journey! LEARN MORE


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"Sometimes when you're running a business by yourself, you have so many ideas and overthink things so much that you get paralyzed and end up doing nothing. It's really helpful to talk out ideas and have someone else listen and then offer clear objective solutions. This was the case recently during a pivot in my business when thinking about my marketing options." – Karina Mora APPLY TODAY


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