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Little Black Desk Society - Blog - Why Leadership Matters

Why Leadership Matters in Small Business

Why does leadership matter in small business? Leadership matters because of the impact it has on clients, peers, and team. Not only today, but tomorrow and in the future too. Think about the people ...

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Little Black Desk Society - Blog - Building an Empire in 100 sq ft

Building An Empire in 100 sq ft

January 2019 Building an Empire in 100 sq ft is a new personal series for 2019. It allows me to share my personal journey with you since I’ve decided to be 100% free of Facebook & ...

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"Sometimes when you're running a business by yourself, you have so many ideas and overthink things so much that you get paralyzed and end up doing nothing. It's really helpful to talk out ideas and have someone else listen and then offer clear objective solutions. This was the case recently during a pivot in my business when thinking about my marketing options." – Karina Mora JOIN WAITLIST

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